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    *NEW* "Design a contest" contest and week 2 raffle


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    *NEW* "Design a contest" contest and week 2 raffle

    Post  Zubat on Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:28 am

    Hey everybody, welcome to week 2 of ET. Good news we got the 2nd guild tab open. Got the Guild tabards, Ranks are working, got guild enchantors and tailors, and on a steady flow to keep up with guild activeness.

    So, congrats again to Zett for winning last weeks raffle.

    The prize for this week is your choice of enchants(with whatever materials Necrologist has) or Cat Carrier(Siamese)

    Also the contest for this week is........

    "Design a Event"

    I haven't decided what the prizes will be for it yet, but the contest itself is rather simple. Just post or in-game mail Zubat a message of a contest the guild should have. This is an oppertunity to get your ideas implemented into the guild and achieving ETguildhonordom? and a prize. Simple think up an idea for a contest or an event, list rules, details, possible prizes, and send it in. The officers will then look over the ideas and rank the best ones in order for the top 3(to get prizes) all entries will be used(but well we won't be using the definite prizes listed so you can't make a contest saying, "first one to whisper zubat gets 100g")

    Looking for creativity, depth, and design. Wink I know what i'm looking for since I was an event moderator for Ragnarok.

    Goal for the week

    We currently have 55 members lets aim for 75 this week Very Happy
    Remember active guilds are a lot more interesting and have a much higher chance of survival Very Happy

    That's all for this week Smile
    Thanks for being a part of ET

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