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    Guild updates 1-16-19



    Should there be a high stakes lottory

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    Guild updates 1-16-19

    Post  Zubat on Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:56 am

    Starting this week is the guild lottery. The lottery will be every friday on top of the guild raffle. Lotto tickets cost 1g per ticket. A maximum of 5 can be bought each week. Just send mail to Zubat with gold saying how many tickets you would like to purchase. When friday comes around a winner will be drawn and the prize money is the amount of gold equal to the number of tickets purchased. So if 30 tickets total are bought the lottery will be 30g. Remember it's still based on luck so even if it's only 6 tickets, you have 1 and another person has 5 you still have a chance to win.

    Congratulations to Zett for winning the first guild raffle.
    Thank you all members for making the first week of ET great.

    We now have a TeamSpeak voice chat server.
    Just goto download the client, quick connect to password is 3thLight

    Kira won the tabard design contest so be sure to pick up your tabard and show your pride so we can get a guild screenshot.

    New forum updates::
    Marketplace added
    Screenshot section added
    Added ranks(it's below your picture when you post in the forums) the more you post the higher your rank

    Poll of the week::
    Should there be a high rollers lottory?
    5g per ticket

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