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    Introduce yourself


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    Introduce yourself

    Post  Zubat on Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:05 pm

    Quick overview of myself shows me to be shy, kind, un-resenting of the strictly obvious depressions of given certainties, patient, unattractive to the point of avoidance and creative. While I am currently found representing myself upon continuous hours of WoW gameplay I also hold true other activities. Besides work I read, write, draw, hang out with friends(what little I have that call me to hang out) and work out, if you consider dance dance revolution and lifting weights while flying from booty bay to undercity working out. I am currently en route of obtaining my Associate's degree in General Art in college, though with some big roadbumps along the way it has been postponed until funding and time permits me to return and finish the last 3 classes needed to receive my diploma. I recently turned 20, and have been a active internet junkie since middle high school, starting out with very active roleplaying(look up nightsaiyen on google/yahoo/dogpile/etc. if you wish to observe my previous internet alias) I have played all online games from neopets to world of warcraft and every beta in between.

    I am a self-labeled emo agent of creative absurdities and passive glances to recreate futile efforts of successful fame.

    It's my goal to get ET to at least 50 active members on at any given time(besides all sleeping hours)

    Well, I do believe that is enough ranting hinderance from me.

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    Fresh Blood
    Fresh Blood

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post  ZimZum on Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:26 am

    Welcome my fellow children of the night,

    As you may have know I am on our server within the twilight hours, I hope to meet each and every one of you. I am a bartender within my physical realm; meaning; I get paid to let people enjoy slipping into their more private ( and most time more interesting ), states. I enjoy throwing parties and listening to techno and Gothic based classical. I used to deal drugs but gave up that life style to get married ( Nov 15, 2008). Marriage is a rewarding experience and one I would suggest to everyone. I now play WOW to live out my fantasies still embedded deep within my soul, to allow others to enjoy the wonderful life my God has blessed me with ( and enjoy it as well). Like our great Lord Zubat I two enjoy I love similar hobbies and I leave you all with this quote that came to me in a very substance involved state that I hope describes some of my inner workings.

    " The depravity of humanity has lulled my soul into a masochistic state as to quicken my pace to the here after. Dark drums echo deep with in reminding me that once I had a heart before I began this ritualistic suicide. My body is now controlled by the twitches of poisons coursing threw my veins feeding this vessel that refuses to die.

    Dear God please take me away.

    This can be told by my character Zimzum ( if you would rather him say it ). And if any one is offended by this submission of my introduction I beg forgivingness and hope you all realize that I was once human as well and I will always welcome each tortured soul my support and will always provide all I can to our leader and his honored warriors.

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