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    Forsaken Chapter Five


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    Forsaken Chapter Five

    Post  saintlyd3monic on Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:47 am

    Chapter Five;

    It was cold, dark and wet. There was a feint drip, drip, drip of what could be water or blood. There were many new prisoners today who waited fearfully for the unknown. However there were still many old prisoners who waited for that blessed moment of death. There were at least hundreds of cold dank cells with iron bars in one jail house. The new prisoners were in a row at the front of the room getting assigned cells. The old prisoners who looked like living skeletons pitied the new ones for the treatment they were about to receive. The new pitied the old for the condition that they were in. However, among the old prisoners who knew what was coming, they pitied the women the most.
    Screams of their torture could be heard by everyone in the isolated remote prison complex. This wasn’t any ordinary prison. The prisoners were people like scientists. Who research things that… they really shouldn’t be. Like how to obtain powers such as Kraft. One group found a way, and that way was with the books, only they knew the location of them all, for they had discovered them. Only now they were all waiting in line to receive their cell number, both Women and Men.
    A door opened at the back of the prison and light flared through. Many old prisoners started wish thinking is it me! Am I to die finally!? Their thoughts and hopes however were doused with cold water as the man standing in the doorway called out,
    “Jackson Silver” One of the new prisoners, a man in a white lab coat and black shirt and pants raised his hand.
    “Follow me” said the man in the doorway who’s voice was as cold as death. Without knowing, Silver went to the man, and followed him into Hell.
    “You will follow me to Hell Room. Stage One.” said the man. Jackson said “ok” and followed a little nervous. They entered Hell Room after a few short minutes. It was a small circular room with a cold stone table in the middle; the table was long enough to fit a full grown man on it lying down.
    “Strip down to your undergarments and lay flat on the table” the man said. Gulping in what was now fear, Silver did as he was told. The man turned to leave but then stopped and looked back.
    “If you move an inch in the wrong way while I am gone, you’ll be dead before your toe touches the ground” he said then went out the stone door. Jackson Silver only had to wait a few seconds before he reentered the room. Only there was another man with him this time. This man could have easily passed for a giant. He dressed in a full black robe, with a hooded face. His features were hidden; however he had long strong arms and legs.
    Even though Silver could not see the man’s face, he sensed the bottomless deep dark eyes staring coldly at him with no emotion at all. He was chilled to the bone, and frightened beyond reason. The man’s presence alone seemed to do that to him. He tried squirming to get off the table or just look away, but found that his entire body would not move.
    “I am going to ask you a series of questions.” He said in an emotionless voice. The man who had brought Silver went out of the room and guarded the door.
    “If you do not answer properly, you will know the reason this room is called “Hell Room”.
    “Now, for the first question; tell me where are volumes three and four of the texts of the ancients?”
    “I don’t know” Silver replied.
    “Pity” the man said emotionlessly. Without Silver seeing him do anything, the cold stone table started to burn under his back, he tried squirming but couldn’t so he bit his lip in pain and to keep from screaming out.
    “Now I will ask you the same question. I Know your company researched them, and found there locations. Now tell me.” The man asked in a cold voice.
    Silver actually managed a mocking laugh, only for a few seconds though, the table heat had risen and he could no longer hold back the scream of dreadful pain. The burning stopped.
    “You are too late. Another already knows, or will know their locations. And while you sit here and torture me for them, he will be on his way looking.” This statement made the man angry he snarled at Silver and raised the temperature so high that Silver wouldn’t be surprised if the skin on his back had burned off.
    “Who” was the next question.
    “I can’t tell you that.” Silver replied, burning pain again.
    “I don’t even know, all I Know is someone picked up the first volume from where we planted it. That’s all I know! I swear!” The pain from the burning table was too much for Silver to take.
    “Please, make it stop!” He couldn’t squirm, it was getting hotter. He felt his heart beat quicken due to stress. All of a sudden a chilling cold swept his heart. He gasped in shock and pain, as it cooled it, but the rest of him was still hot.
    “I will not let you die until my last question is over.” The man said.
    “Now, if you don’t know where this person is…I guess it doesn’t matter. Tell me where is Pandora’s Box?”
    “I don’t……know” Silver gasped growing hot again. The man glared coldly and turned and left the room. Left Silver on the burning table. Silver screamed horrible shrieks of pain for a few minutes as the table grew hotter and hotter…

    The reunion finally came to end after two in a half days. It was a little awkward with everyone trying to avoid Kraft and his friends. Of course Bret had explained everything that Kraft had told him to his friends first, then the rest of the people after he helped Kraft sneak up to his bedroom.
    Kraft’s friends all believed him of course, but the rest of the school was very skeptical and not to mention afraid of Kraft. Kaitlin with her many contacts in various different government offices, and if one was to believe the rumors, the President himself knew more then she was letting on. After the first day, the rest of the time she secretively, or so she thought, kept watch on Kraft. Finally the day to go back home came.
    Everyone was going back to their cars when Bret came up to Kraft as he was getting into his Altima.
    “I can’t let you drive that Kraft” he said.
    “Why not? I drove it here just fine” Kraft replied.
    “Look at it. Can’t you see that it’s about to fall apart” Bret said. Kraft looked again at his old car. To his surprise Bret was right, the car was beat up. The side mirror was hanging on hinges, the sides of the car were scratched so bad you weren’t able to tell what color it had been, the wheel tires were beat up. Glass was blown out in some parts, and there were holes in going through trunk cover and the hood of the car was blasted off so the engine and everything was visible.
    “......No wonder why that police guy was following me…..I wonder why I never noticed before…” Kraft said.
    “Probably because you were too busy with other things” Bret said.
    “Yeah…Ok, you can drive me home” Kraft said. Kraft helped hook his car to Bret’s and they started off.

    It only took a few hours to get to Kraft’s house.
    “Thanks” Kraft said and got out of the car.
    “Anytime man” Bret said and waited for Kraft to unhook his car, then left. Kraft left his car on the side of the street in front of his house; he’d deal with it later, and walked up to the front door. Here he paused and listened to what was going on inside. It was Monday, the day before his memorial. He heard nothing inside house, everyone had probably gone to sleep, or out. It was rather late now, they left at about four thirty, and it had taken them almost six hours to get back. Kraft checked to see if he still had his two books with him, he did and they were right where they were supposed to be. Under his robe in his book bag, the sky was clear and dark out. No lightening to reveal his face to them.
    He went to knock on the door but hesitated while he thought about this.
    How would it be if a black robed stranger knocked on your front door at almost midnight? Kraft asked himself so he lowered his fist, and drew back his hood and knocked five times, then waited. He heard the sound of a dog barking.
    When did they get a dog? Kraft wondered. He waited until the sound of the dog barking was right behind a door. He waited for a few more minutes and finally, heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
    It was dark inside the house so Kraft could not look through the rectangle windows on the door. The door opened an inch, an eye appeared, then vanished, he heard sounds of the person shooing away the dog and then the door opened all the way. Kraft’s mother stood in the doorway, sleepy eyed, and tired looking. She stared at Kraft in confusion about to ask who he was when she registered the starlight brightening his hair. Her eyes widened in shock. Her face paled and it seemed apparent she would faint.
    Kraft caught her as she was about to fall.
    “Kraft…” she whispered, and then passed out. A shining light appeared at the top of the stairs and Kraft heard movement. Gently but quickly setting his mother down he moved and closed the door behind him, sealing the room in darkness once again. He was caught however before he had time to do anything about it in a bear hug from his sister. Which almost knocked him off his feet and only lasted for about a few seconds when she jumped back and off him in alarm
    “Kraft oh my god your alive! I knew it! But…You’re so cold! I could hardly stand to touch you” she said shrilly.
    “Is anyone else here Jenny?” he asked her.
    “Roy and his wife are at a hotel that they rented a room in. Not that far though if you want me to get him here.” She said excitedly
    “Tomorrow, I will explain everything.” Kraft said, “So get him here tomorrow.”
    “Aw, can’t you tell me what happened now? I really want to know!” Jenny pleaded.
    “No.” Kraft said firmly. “Mothers just coming to, and I don’t want her to pass out so soon again.” Kraft said.
    “Alright, let’s get mom into the guest bed down here then” Jenny said, “I’ll turn on the lights for you.”
    “No, I can see just fine thanks” Kraft said.
    “I can’t though” Jenny said and went to turn on the lights as Kraft helped his mother into the bed in the guest room downstairs. Jenny came back and gasped as she saw her older brother. His pale skin and eyes terrified her. But he still had his copper hair, which she had seen from her room doorway upstairs, and that’s why she was sure it was really him, for she knew no one else with hair like that.
    “Kraft…You have to tell me….What happened.” Kraft heard the fear in her voice that she tried to hide.
    “Later.” Kraft said firmly “I’m tired myself, I’m going to bed. See you in the morning Jen.” He said and walked right past her, up the stairs, into his old room, and collapsed on his bed. The car drive had tired him out…

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