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    Forsaken Chapter Four


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    Forsaken Chapter Four

    Post  saintlyd3monic on Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:46 am

    Chapter Four:

    Kraft turned his back on Kurt and walked swiftly out of the room before anyone could stop him. His group of friends stared disbelievingly at Kurt, all wondering the same thing. They didn’t notice Kraft had left until they heard the slamming of the door.
    Outside Kraft walked swiftly across the wet grass, rain pouring down on him and lightening still crackling above him. He entered the main building and went towards the bathroom. He walked in closed and shut the door behind him. He set his back against the wall and let his body slide down and stretched out his legs while he sat against the wall. He was shaking all over; he hadn’t realized it until now. Another thing he didn’t realize was that he was extremely tired.
    He hadn’t had one ounce of sleep since he woke up in the cave earlier that morning. He had long drive…He hadn’t wanted to miss this reunion, but now, he almost did wish he had home first. He chuckled at that. Wondering at how his family would react to his appearance. He was so tired though, nothing mattered much. He thought if the spell he used had taken a toll on him. The Book did say to be cautious when using magic like that… Too much exertion of force at once would mean death.
    He got up, his body shaking and went over to a mirror. He walked over to the door and locked it then he took his hood off and looked in the mirror. His face gleaming silvery pale and the gleaming red eyes starting right back at him.
    No noticeable change….Then was it my imagination? Kraft thought. He kept staring at himself in the mirror, thinking he had for sure heard the hissing voice of the Lich.
    But then, Kraft’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden blur in the mirrors image. It wasn’t his face in the mirror…To Kraft the only thing he could think that it was, was the Lich’s. It was a skull. Blood splattered, grinning, and the top of it looked like a crown and it had glowing red eyes. The image was instantly gone.
    Kraft staggered backward with a strangled yelp. He had never seen anything more horrible in his life. It made him angry as well, because he now knew for sure that the Lich was inside of him…That he was not fully in control of himself as it had seemed.
    That’s right came a mocking hiss from inside of him Kraft yelled and punched the mirror shattering it, he went into one of the stalls and leaned his face over the water. All he could was his pale skin, and red eyes.
    Good he thought nothing more, just that he started long into the water, trying to hold back whatever was trying to get out of him via his mouth. Gagging Kraft slowly pulled the hood back over his head and left the bathroom stall.
    He went over to the door and paused. He turned and decided to rest a little before he went out.
    They were probably searching for him, but let them he thought, right now Kraft didn’t care, he needed rest. Later on he’d be spending a lot of time with the second book…Learning spells, and abilities, and if it was anything else like the other book, he would find clues on where the next volume was. He had a mission to do. And he would do it.

    Bret, Sheryl, Kaitlin and John were all staring still in shock at Kurt’s hand that was now pure black with frostbite. The chairs in the amphitheatre had all been knocked over when the people rushed up to see what had happened and to see Kraft. No one had seen him leave however. Which was of course what Kraft had wanted; Bret was the first to notice his friend’s disappearance.
    He looked around, someone had just got off their cell phone from calling 911, and others were helping Kurt with his hand. Kaitlin, Sheryl, and John were still in too much shock to do anything. Partly because of Lechers hand, but they also hated him as much as Kraft. It was mainly because the Kraft they all knew throughout school was one of the nicest people they had ever met, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. And that was why Bret wanted answers.
    So Bret left the amphitheatre without being noticed as well. He got outside just as the rain stopped and looked down hoping to see Kraft’s footprints. He did not of course, the rain had washed them all out.
    Damn he thought and went to the nearest building. He stopped one of the custodians and asked if he had seen a man in a black robe come past and if so if he could tell him where he went and if he could point him in his direction. The custodian said yes and pointed him down the hall to the Men’s bathroom. He also warned Bret that he heard an angry shout and breaking of glass in there and told him to be careful.
    Bret thanked him but said that he was quite sure his best friend would not hurt him, and left in the direction. He went to the Men’s bathroom and heard nothing inside. He tried to open the door but it was locked. He then knocked on the door. Nothing happened. After a while he started shouting for Kraft to open up. That only took a few minutes for Kraft to open the door.
    Kraft’s hood was off, his copper hair was as Bret hadn’t noticed before, much longer than when they had graduated, and it now lay partly in his face. He looked careworn and extremely tired.
    “Yes my friend?” Kraft asked. His voice was not a hiss as it had been, but it sounded like Kraft’s own again, and even though he still had silver skin and red eyes just that made Bret feel as if this was the Kraft he knew before.
    “I would just like for you to tell me what happened to you before everyone else starts bombarding you with the same question and you have to answer a million instead of just one. Also I can explain it to them for you so you can get to bed faster my friend.” Bret said.
    Kraft stood in the door way in indecision. He could A, tell Bret who probably would not believe his story, but politely nod and listen and say he had, which would also mean a quicker way to bed, which was what he wanted. Or B he could ignore Bret, tell him to go away, and go back and rest and instead answer a million or so questions from everyone waiting for him back in the amphitheatre.
    Kraft nodded in decision and opened the door wider for Bret to come in.
    “I have had a very long day Bret, and am very tired. So if you don’t mind I will try to make this as quick as possible.”
    “Thanks man” Bret said and put his hand on Kraft’s shoulder as he entered in a sign of friendship, but quickly removed it with an exclamation.
    “You’re so cold! What happened to you!”
    “I will explain, do not worry sit down.” Kraft gestured to the floor spot next to him and sat down.
    “I did die. Or I thought I did. I should start from the beginning however. Ever since middle school now I have had a lust for power. Not office power, not political power, which I’m sure Kaitlin could get me with all her ties. It’s rumored you know that she even knows President Adam himself.
    Anyways I wanted abnormal power, power to make people recognize me, and perhaps fear me. For many years now I have researched methods of obtaining a power like this, but all of them included a horrid task of some sort which I did not want to do and there for corrupt my soul.
    I finally, right after graduation found a book. It was a wonderful book. Talked about ancient times, times before what we know. In this time these powers flourished. However a terrible accident had occurred which upset the gods so much – yes I say gods” for Bret’s face looked astounded at that.
    “Something that upset them so much, they forbidden the powers to the next generation of beings. Now these people had written down what they knew in books. Four volumes mass produced at the time. Now they are forbidden, and are only the original four left. I have two. The first book explaining the history and the second explaining a lot of the powers the title of this “series” as you would call it is, Text’s of the Ancients. They were hidden however. Well the second one was. I found the location in the first which I obtained at the library.
    It told me however I’d be in great risk if I found the second one. I took that risk and found it. However I found it guarded by a monster only out of fantasies. A Lich of the Undead, we dueled. When it became apparent that I was going to die, I let the Lich possess my body. I did not however know he would go into my mind.
    So there for I was about to obtain the right to even hold the second volume when the gods found out. That was the reason for that storm. We made a deal. I have to find and kill the only other person like me in this world and time, so I won’t be killed by them.” Kraft finished his explanation.
    “Wait” Bret said, his voice skeptical, “you actually believed the book to begin with?”
    “I had my doubts I must admit, but, look at me and what I did to Kurt; the books have not proven wrong so far. I just have research them more for clues on the next two volumes. Bret nodded but shrugged and said;
    “Whatever, I’ll believe you Kraft. You do look like you…”changed”. Oh and by the way have you been home at all?” He asked.
    “No, I came straight here why?”
    “Your entire family thinks you’re dead. They’re holding your memorial on Tuesday. And I also heard that your sister has barricaded herself in her room, refusing audience to anyone. She certainly refused me.”
    “I see” Kraft said nodding “if that is the situation then I will go home, and show them that I am alive, then however I will be researching more on the next book, and this person who apparently like me…”

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