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    Forsaken Chapter Three


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    Forsaken Chapter Three

    Post  saintlyd3monic on Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:45 am

    Chapter Three:

    “Do I terrify you my old friend?” came a soft hissing whisper from the doorway that carried around the room. A grin played across Kraft’s face.
    “N-no, just s-shocked to see you…” Bret said.
    “Thought I was dead?” came the hissing voice, and everyone knew who it was then. Bret shook his head violently, unable to talk. Kraft laughed cold and deep laughter.
    “No, I am not dead. Although how I wish I was, then I would be ridden from this possessed body and mind.” Kraft said “now, how long do you plan to block my way old friend?” Bret immediately jump away from the door way and let Kraft enter. There was an instant buzz of noise as everyone crowded around him. Everyone wanted to know what had happened to him, and what he meant by “possessed body, and mind.”
    “Just as it says” Kraft said and pulled off his hood. Not one person in the hall did not gasp in shock, the man who was about to give his eulogy actually fainted. His copper colored hair actually clashed pretty well with his silvery pale skin and gleaming red eyes. That was the only outwardly change on Kraft. The only thing that the people were asking about in awed voices.
    Kraft walked further in the room, ignoring all the questions that were being thrown at him, Bret followed behind him, as well as the rest of his group, hoping to get some time alone where they could all talk together.
    “Now I’ve got a question of my own.” He said in his soft hissing voice that made everyone go dead silent. He turned around and stared at the crowd behind him, at his closest friends who had followed more closely, hoping to break off the crowd. “What have I messed?” If the question was supposed to be humorous, it did not have the right effect.
    “N-Nothing” Sheryl said first, she pointed to the collapsed speaker. “He was just about to say a eulogy for you.”
    “That no doubt my parents wrote, but could not say themselves.” Kraft shrugged. “It makes little difference, I am alive – so no eulogy is needed.
    They should die for being such cowards! A voice hissed. Kraft’s eye’s opened wide and he started around shocked.
    “Who said that?” he asked, his voice trembled slightly, thinking he might know.
    “Said what?” Kaitlin asked confused. She looked around as well, everyone had blank faces. She looked back at Kraft in slight concern.
    “Is everth-“ she was cut off.
    “Ha ha ha! Look at the loony back from the asylum!” Sais a loud, half drunk sounding voice, Kraft stiffened and clenched his hands into fists. Kurt Lecher, his mortal enemy throughout middle school and high school. He used to be on the Football and Basketball team in high school, he was big and broad, though most of his old high school brawn had decayed into fat from too much alcohol consumption. He had a round face with brown eyes and he was very tall, a bald head, black mustache, and was still as stupid as a rock and known for his notorious treatment of women. And he was one of the most popular kids in school.
    Kraft chuckled evilly. “I’m surprised you had the mental power to string those words together Kurt Lecher. You must have a migraine now from all the effort, so you can just go lie down.” There was a growl from some corner and angry mutterings from people being pushed and shoved and Kurt appeared in front of Kraft, big and fat.
    “You think your all high and mighty now don’t you, with your college diploma and master degrees.” Kurt had gone into a job that required no education – a job that suited him perfectly. “But that’s all nerdy stuff and I can still beat you up in a fair hand to hand fight. You want to settle this that way?” Kurt demanded.
    “You know I dislike violence Lecher, but your simple mind would probably see no other way to as you would say “settle this”. The fist came unexpected, while Kraft was shrugging. But with Kraft’s heightened senses and strength due to the Lich inside of him he caught the hand and held it as easily if it were a small rock being hurled towards him.
    The close circle around them back up, and just about everyone in the crowd started yelling fight!
    Humans never change…Kraft thought sourly as he held the fist. The only ones who were not cheering were Kraft’s closest friends. They were tense, their faces paled. They disliked violence as much as Kraft, Bret had developed a distaste for it after this second year in the wrestling team, having broken his right arm and left leg.
    Kraft held the fist easily. Kurt was shocked that Kraft could hold him so effortlessly.
    He didn’t even look that that strong, he was even slightly hunched over Kurt didn’t understand, and neither could anyone else in big auditorium, some almost two thousand people, how Kraft could hold him so. And why did his hand feel so damn cold, almost as if he were a dead man walking.
    “In my short time with this knowledge” he emphasized the word, “I have only gained two abilities, though deadly abilities they are” Kraft said in his cold hiss. “I can either A freeze all the blood and nerves in your whole right arm, making it as usable as if a log were attached to your body, or I can heat up the inside so much I can boil the blood in there and everything else, turning your arm – literally- into goo.”
    Kraft finished in a cold hiss.
    “Ha! Yeah right! Prove it!” Kurt laughed.
    “Alright” Kraft said coldly. And he was about to freeze the inside of the whole arm when a voice in his mind hissed in a triumphant voice,
    Yes! Do it! He deserves it! Ruin his worthless life! The voice now sounded strangely familiar, and even though Kraft still was shocked, his eyes narrowed in recognition after a few seconds.
    “No.” he whispered only to himself, but apparently Kurt heard it too.
    “What was that? What, no?” he asked mockingly.
    “No, I will not do such an evil thing to you, however” he said calmly, almost emotionlessly “I will do this.” And concentrated for a few seconds
    Kurt screamed from the intense pain from the sudden freezing cold that flowed through his hand.
    “That is for all the times you’ve hurt, and humiliated me Kurt Lecher, for all those times that I could nothing back.” Kraft hissed and then let go and turned his back on Kurt who was writhing on the ground in pain, watching his hand slowly grow numb and turn black with frostbite. The crowd stared in shock and horror at Kurt as well as Kraft who strode out of the room. Bret, Sheryl, Kaitlin, and John followed quickly behind him hoping to finally get a word…

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