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    Most recent "book" i've written, mostly I do "lapse of conscious" pieces in myspace blogs.

    Chapter 1: The players set the board.

    “Just who do you think you are? Did you really expect that if you hung around with me, and were nice to me all the time, then I would fall head over heels for you like all of your other friends? You want me to notice you, but you consider me to be so feeble and stupid, is that how you really feel about me? Then let me tell you something, nobody really likes you. Get this one simple fact through your head. All the friends you think you have, all the family that says they love you, and all the people you have surrounded yourself with that you think are really your closest friends. Not one of them likes you for who you are. We have ALL been using you, not just me, every single person that you want to fall in love with you, or just to be kind to you.

    If you did not have all that money that you inherited from your dead parents, nobody would even have a reason to talk to you. We enjoy your money, and that is the plain fact. You are ugly, stupid, a total nerd, fat, your hair is too long, and your face is covered with zits. What makes you think anyone would want to hang out with you when you are all of these things? If you are wondering why I telling you all of this in a letter, it is because I can’t even stand to be around you long enough to complain about all of your features, and since you were so hoping that I would return your letter of love to you today. You took all the time to write out your feelings, and waited hours standing by the peach trees just to get to talk to me.

    This is the best day of my life, and you want to know why? This is the day that everyone in the school has been waiting for. The day I take your heart, break it into tiny pieces, and give a piece to everyone you thought liked you, so we all can watch you suffer, and take joy in the fact that you will never get all the pieces of your heart back. You’re going to suffer for taking us lightly, nobody from this point forward will ever utter that one sentence to you.

    Not a single person in the world is going to say, I love you.”

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    Re: Love§hift

    Post  Zubat on Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:39 am

    Buzz.. Buzz.. Buzz..

    “GAH! I give up, shut up now! I’m getting up! Geez I’d sure like to hit whoever invented alarm clocks a couple of times. They are almost as annoying has having to go to school.” Kyle said as he flipped the button on the side of the alarm clock to turn it off.

    Kyle solemnly thought to himself as he began throwing on his school uniform first the blue jeans then the white polo t-shirt.

    “Why do I always have that same dream about Emily? The funny thing is I’ve had that dream so many times that I’m actually starting to believe it, and I don’t want to confess my feelings to her.” Kyle chuckled as he tightened his belt. “It is just a dream right? I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I mean even if she doesn’t return my feelings the same way I feel for her, she wouldn’t tell me off like that . . . would she? Nah she is one of the most respected girls at school, there is no way she would act like that. My imagination is just getting the better of me.”

    “Kyle, are you going to school yet?” Kyle’s mom yelled up the stairs from the kitchen below.

    “Yeah mom, I’ll be heading out the door in a couple minutes.” Kyle replied grabbing his backpack and closing his bedroom door. “Well, just to be on the safe side I’ll wait awhile to see if I stop having the dreams before I give her the letter, and maybe then I won’t feel awkward about telling her.”

    Kyle’s mom greeted him as he shuffled down the stairs and headed towards the front door. “No breakfast this morning?”

    Kyle quickly walked past the kitchen grabbing a bag of lunch off the counter. “Nah, I have to hurry up and get to my club meeting, I already woke up late, so I’ll just try to grab something after the meeting before class starts. I’ll be home a lil late today, I’m gonna swing by the library to pick up some magazines.”

    “Alright I hope you have a good day hun.” Kyle’s mom waved as he walked out the front door.

    Kyle sighed as he looked at the letter he had written for Emily, and grabbed the mp3 player out of his back pack. Slipping the buds into his ears he adjusted the volume and began jogging to Wilson High School.

    The cold wind blew down the street across Kyle’s exposed arms causing him to shiver slightly and mess up his jogging speed slightly. There wasn’t anything unusual about today. It was the same type of day he was always used to; waking up late and running off towards the English club meeting. As ironic as it is whenever Kyle jogs past Emily’s house he always hits the skip button on the mp3 player.

    “Pfft, darn” Kyle glared at the mp3 player with a sigh “I wish I had never given my mp3 player to Victoria so she could put the songs on to it. Now I don’t know how to get rid of this titanic love song. It always gets annoying to hear, but I guess it’s not so bad since it makes me stop in front of her house. Speaking of which she should be heading out now.”

    “Who should be heading out?” A soft voice came from behind the gate. “You weren’t waiting for me, were you Kyle?”

    Startled Kyle looked up. “Nah, I was just fixing up my mp3 player, and figured I’d say hey before I went to my meeting.”

    “Oh, and which meeting would that be?” Emily asked.

    Kyle chuckled as he pushed the mp3 player back into his pocket. “Come on Emily, ya know what club I am in. It’s the English club. I swear you act like you’ve never seen me on campus. Especially since you try to get good grades so you come to the club often to have them review your essays.”

    Emily pushed the bangs out of her face, and looked over at Kyle. “Hmmm, I’m sorry, but I guess I just never noticed you whenever I’ve gone there. I’m just paying more attention to working on the reports.”

    With a sigh Kyle waved once with his hand. “Yeah guess that would be the case. Anywho I’m gonna be late if I don’t hurry up. I’ll talk to ya later I guess” Kyle whispered under his breath, “heh if you remember me that is.”

    “I will try to find you the next time I am getting my essay looked at. Alright? Hope you have a good meeting.” Emily spun around and began walking to the back of the house to pick up her bike, while Kyle looked in front of him then glanced at his watch.

    “Aww man, the president is gonna be ticked at me if I’m late again. I really have to pick up the speed if I want to make it to the meeting on time. Heh and to think it wasn’t even worth my while to talk to Emily. I’ll probly be late to the meeting, and she didn’t even remember what club I am in. Yeah, it’ll probly be a while still before I confess to her. At least she remembered my name.” Kyle hitched up his backpack and started sprinting down the street towards school once again. The wind was still blowing silently across the street, but the chill was even colder than it was before.

    Kyle ran into the class room dropping his backpack on the floor and collapsed into the chair. He threw his head backwards and started panting with a grin across his face. “Whooooo. Had to run my butt off but looks like I made it to the meeting just in time. Now hopefully I’ll get to rest a bit and not have to” Kyle was interrupted by and older student standing over his desk.


    “ya, ya, what cha want?”

    “You were the last one to the meeting, that means you have to go first for the presentations about options to do for the school’s festival.”

    “Presentation, huh?”

    “Kyle, I knew you’d forget. Why do you even bother coming to the club meetings if you aren’t going to follow any of the tasks that you are asked to perform. Everyone else has their ideas planned out and ready to present to everyone, but you don’t seem prepared for anything.”

    “Aww come on dude, I was just joking around. Geez Martin, ever since ya became the president you’ve become so strict with me. What ever happened to the good ole days?”

    “Apparently they have been misplaced along with your PowerPoint.” Martin frowned as he nodded towards the front of the classroom.

    Kyle pulled out a CD from his backpack and walked to the computer. “I told ya I had it, gimme a break. It’s just ideas; everyone else has theirs so why do I have to present them also? Whatever, that just means I’ll be done first and can just hang out til first period starts up.” The computer booted up with clicks and buzzes. A few clicks later the projector mounted on the ceiling began casting the PowerPoint onto the wall. Reading off the note cards that were left in his back pocket he rushed through the presentation and sat back down balancing a pencil on his lip, at least until Martin walked over and took it away from him to give a warning to pay attention.

    “You didn’t really do anything new in the presentation, you just reported the ideas that we discussed last week.”

    “Heh, well then I guess I did a good job, cause then it appears that the whole club had the same ideas as me. Why wait for the rest of them to talk, and just pick one of mine. We are gonna probly do something lame anyways, heck I could probly run the entire thing myself it’ll be so lame and easy.”

    Martin put the pencil down on the desk with a snap. “Good then whatever we decide on, it will be entirely up to you to run and host for the club. Hope you don’t mind us being too easy on you, since we are a lame club.”

    “Fine, fine, I got it. Just hurry up and pick a topic alright? I wanna get some grub before class starts.” Kyle picked up the pencil and started twirling it around his fingers.

    “Just get out of here, we’ll tell you what the theme will be later today. I swear sometimes you just tick me off. Go grab some food and you better show up for first period. I am not going to cover for you like I did in the old days. You aren’t worth making up stories for anymore. Martin shook his head and opened the door.

    “Guess that means you don’t want me to grab you some grub too?” Kyle laughed and he picked up his backpack and walked out the door.

    Martin sighed as he closed the door to muffle out Kyle’s laughter. Looking over the rest of the club with a sigh he slowly talked over them “Please tell me somebody has some decent ideas, and make it a really good one so we can get back at Kyle for making the club look so bad.” Martin sat down at the nearest desk and began watching over the presentations waiting for a good idea to show up until a voice spoke up from one of the members. “Sir, why don’t you just kick Kyle out of the club if he isn’t going to do anything?”

    Martin smiled and turned towards the freshman. “Kyle’s my best friend, so I know he’s a good person. Sometimes he just really gets under my skin with how lazy and arrogant he acts. Don’t worry though, whatever task we give him for the festival he will make it as nice as possible.”

    Kyle sneezed while looking at the vending machine. “I don’t have a cold. . .” Kyle frowned as he pushed in the buttons. “Somebody better not be talking about me behind my back that would be lame as hell. It’s probly Martin talking smack about me to the rest of the members. Oh well I have so much better stories to use against him.” Kyle chuckled and bent down to pull the pop tarts out of the vending machine door turning around to see a face staring down at him. “Yo Victoria, what’s up?”

    Victoria pushed Kyle out of the way and put a dollar bill into the machine. “Do you always have to talk to yourself Kyle? Sometimes it is really annoying to watch you act like a fool when I am around you, and why are you stocking up on pop tarts? You know that kind of junk food is bad for you.”

    “Don’t act like my mom Victoria, it’s just a couple pop tarts. Ain’t nobody ever heard of pop tarts killing a person before, so they must not be very harmful to people’s health.” Kyle ripped the pouch open while Victoria walked off down the hall while mumbling. “Well then I suppose you are going to be famous and become the first one aren’t you.”

    Kyle ripped open the silver package and took a bite out of the pop tart while crumbs rolled down onto the floor while he watched Victoria walk away.

    “What does she care for anyways? I’m not hurting her by eating pop tarts. Man this is so not cool why is everyone out to get me today? First Martin busting out at me for not picking up a topic and now Victoria for me munchin on some pop tarts. Whatever at least I woke up on time this morning and I got to see-

    The bell above the hall started out with a ring that echoed across the school corridors and into the main room. Kyle sighed looking at his new pop tart.

    “I forgot I was still at school.”

    Kyle chuckled and slipped the pop tart into his backpack after wrapping it back up. Kyle slipped into the class room door while the teacher had his back to the class and sat in the seat on the far right.

    A deep voice bellowed from the front, “Nice to have you join us today Mr. Dapers”

    “awww man, busted” Kyle retorted as he pulled out his English book and propped it in front of his face.

    The teacher turned around revealing his rugged face and black tie. Glaring over to Kyle he spoke up. “We won’t be accepting any of that today Kyle; you should have slept while you were at home. Now, put your book down and pay attention this time. Today we will be discussing the metaphors and expressional text within Hamlet.”
    He turned back to the board gripping a piece of white chalk in his hand and began drawing a few diagrams on the board. Until the green field was covered with a chalky paste in images, words, and lines. Ready again to speak to the class, he turned and picked on Kyle who was resting his cheek on his hand. “Ahem. Kyle would you please contribute with your reasoning behind Hamlet holding the skull in the to be or not to be soliloquy?”

    “Ain’t that obvious? To be or not to be, it’s about dying or living, so why would you have to ask why he is holding the skull in his hand? He is just asking it if he should continue living or if he should give up and die.” Kyle replied

    The class burst out in laughter and Kyle’s face began to turn a shade redder.

    “What ya’ll laughin for?”

    The teacher announced, “It appears that once again you have not kept up with the reading. Would anyone else like to explain the situation to Kyle?” A few hands in the back of the class rose and one of the boys spoke up when chosen.

    “Well, during the to be or not to be speech he wasn’t holding a skull. That is just a common error that people put together when they don’t read. He holds the skull during another speech later on in the story, and so it is very common that people combine the two instead of keeping them separate as they truly are.” The voice softened and disappeared.

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    The teacher put down the chalk, and dusted off the leftovers from his hands. “That is correct.”

    Kyle glanced over at Emily then stared out the open classroom door. “Geez, even Emily was laughing so hard at me her face is still red. How friggin embarrassing. I swear Mr. Renoids is out to get me. He pulls this junk all the time. Asking me an out of the blue trick question, and since it is a trick question I always get it wrong then the class laughs at me like I’m some sort of idiot for not being able to answer it. Then the know-it-alls in the back just plop out the answer like they are some sort of divine images that know everything. How much worse is today gonna get? It’s only first period and I’ve already got stuck with club activities, didn’t get to finish my breakfast, and got laughed at by the entire class and the girl I like. I can’t wait til this day is over I’m gonna go straight home and just pass out on the couch, better then remembering everything all over again.”

    The first period bell began to ring and Mr. Renoids spoke over calling to Kyle. “Excuse me Kyle; please come see me before you leave.”

    Kyle, threw his book into his back pack and moaned as he walked over to Mr. Renoids desk while everyone else passed him by to their next classes.

    Mr. Renoids cleared his throat as he looked up from his desk to Kyle. “Kyle, you need to start paying attention in class. You can not afford to keep skipping out on your homework like this. The finals are in a month, and you will pass this class only if you get a decent grade on the rest of the assignments. Otherwise I will have to fail you and hold you back for an extra semester. I am sure you are aware of your current predicament?”

    Kyle replied with a scowl, “So what? It’s only one class. It’s not like this class is hard or anything I just don’t like paying attention when I am bored. I don’t sleep well then I gotta come to this class and get drowned out by having to listen to you, so it ain’t cool. I’ll pass this class I guarantee it. It will be a piece of cake, like heck I would want to see you for an extra semester I can’t even stand this semester.”

    Mr. Renoids shuffled the papers into a single pile and picked up his red pen. “You think you can make it through this semester with your current grade? How exactly do you plan on passing the next class which will just be more difficult if you skim by with low scores in this class? I am trying to give you an education that you will be able to take with you, not offer you an easy class that you can sleep through and disrupt the rest of the students in this room.

    Kyle sighed, “I said I will take care of this class, ain’t that good enough for you to believe me?

    Mr. Renoids rubbed his nose. “Actually that is not good enough but you have to hurry off to your second period, so for now I have to accept it. I warn you however, this is your final warning. Everything now comes down to your own response and efforts on the rest of the assignments. Now get to your next class before you are late for it as well. I do not want to have to talk to you about your behavior again.

    Kyle shrugged as he adjusted his backpack and walked out the door turning down the stairway. “Yeah right, like heck I would fail that class. It’s a piece of cake I could do that class with my eyes closed, in fact, I’ll start right now. I’ll show him just how easy this school is.” Kyle closed his eyes and stepped forward missing the ledge for the stair and tumbled forward slamming his arm into the step and rolled to the bottom of the staircase coming to a stop with a moan. Kyle grabbed his arm and grunted. “Okay… so classes are easy but walking down stairs is a whole nother story. Dang it friggin hurts like heck.” Victoria grabbed the backpack by the loop and pulled Kyle up to his feet. Kyle grinned and squinted in pain. “Yo Victoria what’s up?”

    Victoria put her hands on her waist and stared at Kyle. “What the heck is your problem? Let’s go we have to get your arm checked out at the nurse’s office. Why are you always getting into trouble? If I always have to watch out for you one of these days you are going to get yourself in serious trouble.” Victoria yanked on the backpack strap and started pulling Kyle towards Nurse Kendra’s office. Kyle reluctantly followed while the second period bell started ringing. “Ahh well good news looks like I don’t have to goto chemistry class now.”

    Victoria snapped, “How can you be so full of yourself at a time like this? You will just have to make up the class next week. Get in the office and have her check on you. I’ll tell our teacher that you won’t be making it to class today.”

    Kyle slid into the nurse’s office. “Alright talk to ya later then. Ey miss Kendra I kinda fell down the stairs a lil bit and think I hurt it, so you think you can check it out for me?”

    Kendra looked over at Kyle. “Of course I can, I don’t think I would call falling down the stairs hurting it “a bit” Anyways let’s see what the damage is.” Kendra took Kyle’s arm and began examining it with a few tools from around the office and began wrapping it with gauze. Kendra added a metal slip to the gauze and clipped it closed. “So it looks like you sprained your arm and it should be healed up in about a week or so. Just try to keep off of it and it should heal up properly. You really should thank Victoria for bringing you in to see me. If you left it alone chances are it would have gotten worse and you would have had to gone into a doctor to get it checked out, but for now you should be fine, you will just be sore for awhile.”

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