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    Forsaken, prologue


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    Forsaken, prologue

    Post  saintlyd3monic on Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:30 am

    Deleted for recent chapters. Ask me if you want to see it.

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    Re: Forsaken, prologue

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    Research Journal Day One;
    I just started my research on how to obtain power. I’ve been to lots of different library and even sites online, but nothing has yielded pleasing information. I just got back from a new library I found with some pretty interesting stuff. I borrowed a few books and will start through them now…

    Research Journal Day Two;
    Unfortunately nothing really interesting in this set of books, only thing moderately interesting was a book about pre – ancient times where people had power like this. It’s listed in the bibliography; I’m going back to the library to check it out.
    Research Journal Day Three;
    I found the book, it’s amazing. I bet historians don’t even know about the stuff that’s in here. It did take a little bit of tracking though. It wasn’t in the library, but the librarian said some guy had checked it out and never returned it. She showed me who it was and told me I could take, and have it if I wanted since it was way overdue and he was the only one to check it out in years. The book talks a lot about how the gods gave them incredible powers, like Time Travel, Space contortion and manipulation, the ability to control the elements, and much, much more…. This is amazing.
    Research Journal Day Four;
    that book was the best I’ve found after years of researching this. I think I might be finally onto something. The book talks about how the gods had given the very first people they every created and how they….killed themselves within five years. Thinking what humankind right now would be like if we is bone chilling. This book is also the longest I’ve read about this, it’s so interesting however I can’t put it down.

    Research Journal Day Five;
    I failed to mention earlier that I got this book from a dead man. The guy I found with it was apparently assassinated. I had got to his address when his relatives were all their weeping. I gave my condolences and asked if any of his closest ones that were there new of the about ancient history the librarian said he had. His Brother, the only one who was rational at the time though I could see he was mourning, showed me the book and told me I could have it. But warned me that his brother felt as if he was being watched when he first got it. Then he pointed a hand at his body and said
    “And now this…” and told me to be careful. I gave my condolences again, and then left.

    Research Journal Day Six;
    I just finished reading the book. The race apparently knew that they were doomed. So they wrote down everything they knew in a second book, the second volume to this. I remember the Librarian now saying that there was supposedly a second volume but no one had ever found it. I think because no one had bothered to read the first. It gives a clear and detailed explanation of where the second volume is, up in a sealed cave in Big Bear Mountains. Somehow they managed to place protective wards and spells around it and this. I’ve found nothing so far about having to become pure evil to obtain powers like these, so I am going to Big Bear this weekend and try and fine the book. It said however that it is guarded by an ancient evil that can only be hurt by a bladed weapon. So I’m going to take all the money I’ve got and find a shop that sells swords being my favorite bladed weapon. This will be my last research journal until I get to Big Bear.

    Kraft closed his journal and stood up and looked in the mirror. He had lost some of his tan with all the time he was spending in his room. It was a small room, a bed, a desk with a computer, and his laptop. A TV stood at the end, and a few windows. He looked himself over. He hadn’t been to a gym in awhile and it started to show.
    Where he used to have muscles and a semi six pack was now starting to become fat again.
    Oh well, they’ll be back soon enough he thought to himself. He had inherited his father’s body, tall, round face, long arms, and legs. However he had his mothers curved eyes, though with a mixed color from them both, his eyes were kind of a turquoise grey, his mothers being light green and his father’s light blue. He also had a mix of his mother’s long brunette hair, and his father’s blonde. His hair had turned out a dark bronze color almost copper like a penny.
    Unlike his mothers however it was short, though just barely long enough to go into his eyes when he showered. He couldn’t leave for Big Bear immediately unfortunately; he’d pack tomorrow though, and then stay for his sister’s eighteenth birthday then leave. He decided to start packing the things he’d need now. He went out of his room and down the curving stairs to the kitchen where his mother was cooking dinner.
    “Hey mom, do you know where we have the suitcases?” he asked. She looked at him puzzled and asked,
    “Yeah, why?”
    “Well…I was thinking…Since I had a stressful year, I would kind of like to go camping up in Big Bear, alone. To relax, you know?” He explained.
    “Well I won’t stop you, the bags are in the front closet, you know by the door. But you have to stay sisters birthday.” She said.
    “I know, I will, I wasn’t planning on leaving ‘till Friday anyways. I need tomorrow to pack, then the next day for Jenny’s birthday.”
    “Alright then, that’s fine with me.” He mom agreed. He went and got one big bag and one small one and started packing the essentials. His sister’s birthday was exciting. They all went to a Bowling alley and bowled for hours. Kraft’s arm started to hurt after the fifth round so he sat out the sixth round with his sister and mother, and watched his father, brother, uncle, and brothers wife play.
    “So Kraft, how long are you going to be gone?” his mother asked. Jenny, Kraft’s sister looked up from her drink.
    “Gone where mom?” she looked at her then at her brother. Kraft waved his hand vaguely and said,
    “I’m going camping alone up in Big Bear, and I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but I’ll be back for the High School reunion don’t worry.” He added the last part kind of joking, not really expecting to be gone for over a week.
    “Oh, and I’m going to leave my cell here, so don’t even try to call me.” He told them, but looking at his sister. She called him when he was at his apartment practically three times a week. They usually talked for hours. With their dad being gone on business trips a lot of the time and his older brother living out of state, this was one of the rare moments where they were all together for more than two weeks. His sister sighed and said “alright” somewhat solemnly.
    “Jenny I challenge you to a one on one round.” He said to cheer her up. That did perk her up, she loved bowling.
    “You’re on” she said…

    Kraft arrived in Big Bear two days after Jenny’s birthday.
    Now, all I need to do is find that cave he thought. He had laid out his tent and everything in his camping spot. There were several hiking trails. The book said that he’d have to follow one a ways up the mountain, then turn off into a hidden path. Hopefully that path was still there. He had brought his sword, hid in his cloths in his suitcase.
    He had gotten there late, so any hiking activity would look suspicious. So the next day, he got up, went with a group up the trail the Pacific West Trail. About halfway up as the book had told him, he started looking around and falling to the back of the group. He wore his sword with him but had hidden it in a guitar case across his back. After about a half hour he finally found it.
    Ah, here it is he started walking slower, and waited until his group was out of site, the group’s guide being focused on explaining the history which he already knew almost by heart.
    So he slipped away down the trail. When he thought he was far enough away, he discarded the bulk of the guitar case and just slung the sword over his back and continued. He’d practiced this, walking around his room with his sword for hours the day he bought it. He walked down the increasingly downhill trail until he was almost jogging.
    The trail was hard to find because no one had known about it for years, so he had to cut thorns, and overgrown bushes and what not out of his way. Finally after about an hour he reached the face of the mountain. He was glad because by now the group he was with was sure to have noticed him gone. He started scanning the wall. Running his hands along the smooth surface and chanting words the book he read told him to, all the while feeling a strange tingly sensation run through his arms.
    When he finally found it the walls glowed with a strange red light. He said some more words in a weird chant language he had never heard before that he read from the book which he had in his hand and the wall opened. The doors splitting open on each side, making a huge booming and creaking sound. Kraft jumped in quickly and the doors slammed shut behind him, making an even louder noise, and the whole mountain shake. He cursed; people could have heard that from miles off.
    As soon as he stepped in torches flared on and his path was illuminated with eerie torch light. He walked down the path. As he descended deeper into the mountain, he felt a strange coldness, not the cold from being underground, but from something…evil. He became excited. He thought he must be nearing his goal and started going faster. He finally came to a cold ancient stone door. He drew his sword, and put his book in his backpack which he set down on the side of the door where it would open out from. He drew his sword and stepped inside.
    A tall dark figure in a full black hooded robe stood floating in front a pure white stone pedestal with a black book on it. The cold seemed to emanate from this room.
    Kraft shivered, but only once, his adrenaline kept him warm. He raised his sword and stepped forward.
    The figure looked up at him and hissed in a voice like a snakes, and as cold as ice,
    “Human, I am a Lich the powerful of the Undead, the guardian of this holy book for eternity. Those who have come to claim it have died by my hand. Fight me human and die a horrible death” its voice was a hissing whisper that nonetheless carried throughout the room.
    “However, I grow bored of this eternal duty, if you let me take your body, I will give you this book, and we can rule your world.” It offered.
    The temptation was strong coming the Lich’s voice. But Kraft stood firm and resolute.
    “No, I will not succumb to evil for this power!”
    “Then Die” it hissed and drew a long, curved and serrated black blade. They dueled. The Lich’s blows heavy, and powerful, yet surprisingly elegant and fast were no match for Kraft. He realized after about an hour of the clash, hearing the ring of sword on sword echo in the cave, that he was going to lose. For his lack of attention the Lich managed a swipe and slashed him across the chest.
    Blood spurted and Kraft fell back with a moan. He was blacking out. He could see the Lich raise his arm for the killing stroke, and realized that he would never see his friends again, his sister, his brother, or his parents, or ever feel warmth, for the warmth in his body had died a long time ago in this cave.
    No! I refuse to die here and now! Not when I’m so close! He shouted to himself mentally. With his last ounce of strength he dropped his sword and spread his arms and shouted,
    “Lich! Take my body! I don’t care anymore! That power in that book is the only thing I’ve ever wanted in my life. Take my body, but not my life…Not now…” he felt himself vanishing into the abyss, his eyes closing, the last thing he saw was the Lich zooming towards him, and a triumphant feeling surged through his body and gave him life once again, he staggered forward and grasped the book with both hands he felt power surge through entire body of the likes he had never known before and felt the ground start shift violently under his feet as if the gods themselves were punishing him for obtaining this, and then, he blacked out…

    Not only did it cause an earthquake of the likes of which human kind has never seen it also cause a violent storm to appear out of nowhere appeared over Big Bear Mountain, over the place where the shrine like structure had been in the very heart of the mountain. The storm began right on top of it. It caused violent winds and rain to suddenly harass the campers and hikers, and later on hail even started to drop. Lightening flared, and thunder cracked so loud it could be heard from Kraft’s home.
    The gods had found out that someone had found a forbidden book, and they were angry.
    And above the crack of thunder and the howling of the wind, the people who hadn’t been obliterated by storm, who were far enough down in the camp sites, swore they heard a hysterical evil laughter rising from the depths of the mountain…

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