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    TeamSpeak Server (Jan 20)

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    TeamSpeak Server (Jan 20)

    Post  Kirakishou on Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:59 pm

    Hey all, Kira here.
    So, here's the deal... TeamSpeak is supposed to be running on the Linux Server here at my place, but it's not (yet) due to unforseen difficulties. It has, however, been running off my laptop. Not a big deal most times.
    However, sometimes I need to take my laptop with me (today, for example). This will generally mean that TeamSpeak will be down from around 1200 PST to 2200-2300 PST.
    This is only temporary, until I force the server to accept the updates that will allow TeamSpeak to run as planned.

    Sorry for any inconvenience - I will make sure to check in-game to see that nobody is raiding or anything before I pull the plug for a day!

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